About Us

The Hitchmount-RACK is a Jeep®, Bronco and Truck kayak and gear rack developed by a Veteran Army Ranger and Special Forces Soldier. The Hitchmount-RACK (originally marketed as MissionRACK) provides a cost-effective option for outdoor adventure-type Jeep®, Bronco and Truck owners who need a rack to transport kayaks and other gear but do NOT want to:

  • Modify their vehicle with a cage or other permanent or semi-permanent modifications.
  • Remove the top and haphazardly strap things to the roll bars and windshield.
  • Purchase and house a trailer for just the occasional haul. 

If you are one of those types of Jeep®, Bronco or Truck owners – the Hitchmount-RACK was built for you.

The Hitchmount-RACK is a Jeep®, Bronco or Truck kayak and gear rack. It is an American-made, hitch-mounted, adjustable, kayak, paddle-board, and gear rack designed for easy attachment and removal from your Jeep®, Bronco, or truck.  The Hitchmount-RACK combines three current market configurations: roof rack systems, hitch mounted cargo carriers, and hitch mounted bicycle carriers. The design allows users to easily configure the Hitchmount-RACK to support their adventure needs.

The Hitchmount-RACK is an easy configurable, hitch-mounted kayak and gear rack system and requires no modifications to your Jeep®, Bronco, or truck. All you need is an OEM trailer hitch. Attachment is a simple pin in the hitch mount, a cam strap through the spare tire, and two cam straps to the bumper (for trucks you just use two straps into the bed area). No need to have trailer hitch extensions – the sizing is made to work around a vehicle's spare tires. The Hitchmount-RACK has up to 5” of adjustability for various tire sizes and bumper configurations. The perforated steel tubing allows for virtually unlimited attaching points for whatever specialized gear you need to haul. The entire unit can be attached or removed from your Jeep®, Bronco or Truck in under 2 minutes making it the perfect solution for those who do not want to modify their vehicle. When you need it - add it quickly. When you don’t -  remove it and store.