Gladiator-Truck Bracket System

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This system allows you to add the Hitchmount-Rack to a Gladiator or Truck. The Gladiator-Truck Bracket System uses a brace to fill the gap between the rack and the tailgate (where a Wrangler or Bronco spare tire normally sits). The brace then has brackets and rubber bumpers that sit on top of the tailgate for stability fore/aft. The use of the strap system that comes with the Hitchmount-Rack then attaches inside the truck bed to the left and right sides. The result is a stable overhead rack system that you add when you need and remove in minutes when you don't.

The system includes a Bicycle Accessory Rack (used as a brace), Two steel adjustable brackets, two rubber bumpers and hardware.

The Hitchmount-Rack is purchased separately.