On the Beach in FL with 37's and a HItchmount-Rack!

One of the great things in life is running your Jeep out on the beach! Here are some awesome pics and testimonial from a JLU owner with 37's (yes, they are some serious beach wheels/tires) on St. Augustine Beach in FL. Note that the the extra large tire/carrier combo exceeded the length of the Hitchmount-Rack base so they added a hitch extender to simply bridge the gap. 

"The rack worked out great for our paddleboards. We traveled 2 hours to the Springs with no issues and we even encountered rain and wind on the drive home. Attached are some photos from St. Augustine Beach. We used a 14 inch extender to go past the back tire. Our SUP Yakima mount rack fit right on top of the rack system with no problem. We added extra tie downs to secure the boards. We are happy to have something that is not permanent and easy to remove and install each time. Thanks!!"

Thank you again for the comments and pics!